ATRC 2013 Final results.

The points have all been calculated and the results are out for the 2013 ATRC series.

Rally Class
1st Ollie Lloyd – SpeedBrain 450 (116 pts)
2nd = Phil Page – Yamaha 450 JVO (75 pts)
2nd= Mike Wharton – KTM 450 Rally (75 pts)

4th Ian Pritchard – Husaberg 501 Rally (74 pts)

I find myself in 5th place with 72 points. With only 3 points between me and 2nd place, it makes the DNF at the Hafren all the more frustrating.  Next year!!

Considering my first rally was the Cambrian last year, and that this is my first year of racing of any sort, I don’t think I’ve done too badly at all!

Congrats to Ollie, Phil and Mike, and wishes of Good Luck to Ollie and Phil who are currently doing the Merzouga Rally in Morocco.

Phil is racing for charity, you can follow his progress and make a donation via his site:

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