Back from a break

I’m back from a break in France with my son, and to visit family. While out there, I was checking maps and keeping my eyes peeled while out and about, and also doing some research online.

As far as I can understand it, the law in France, regarding trail riding, is that unless a track or trail has a forbidden or no-entry sign on it, then it’s all legal.

Also, reading up on posts on some French off-road bike forums suggests there might be some good areas to ride on sand, which could come in particularly useful for practice if I do end up doing the Merzouga next year like I hope to.

For now, though, I need to unload the truck after the weekend training course I did before my holiday, and also test this MAQS/TPS to see if it is the right one, as well as find out what’s causing the cooling fan fuse to blow.

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