Elsworth motoparc

Yesterday, Sunday, I finished rebuilding and fettling the bike after the crashy Hafren rally and decided to take it over to Elsworth Motoparc for a shakedown.

I’ve never been to Elsworth motoparc before, indeed I’ve never been to any MX track, so I was interested to see what it was like.  It’s a big place, with some bigger jumps and on arrival there were some guys out making it look very easy, but also very fast.  They run 3 sessions, Adult Expert, Adult Intermediate and junior.  I noticed there was an Adult Novice slot in the waiting area, but it’s covered in grass and obviously hasn’t been used in some time.  I quickly identified that these were the Adult Expert and I didn’t feel quite so daunted!

I chatted to a few of the riders to get a feel for the course and also general opinion on taking a rally bike round.  The long and the short of it was that no-one cared what you were riding, and more than a few commented that it was good to see something different.

I headed off for my first session and managed 3 laps before I ran out of steam.  It is indeed a very twisty and jumpy track.  Undoubtedly good fun, but also bloody hard work on a bike like the TE630.

A managed 3 sessions, and averaged between 3 and 4 laps on each session before I had to give up.  While I was very aware that I was, in effect, a mobile chicane, I wasn’t getting lapped or passed as much as I expected.  I think if I can get a bit fitter and get a bit more practice in, I might be able to keep up with the slower MX bikes.

Taken with the iPhone 5s in Burst mode, then edited together in Gimp

Taken with the iPhone 5s in Burst mode, then edited together in Gimp

While I was there I was playing with my new iPhone 5s and experimenting with the burst mode in the camera.  I took a few sets of shots and compiled this image from one of the bursts.

Mike Bennett was there taking photos, and he got a couple of excellent ones of me , including one while airborne.  I also had the helmet cam with me, and taped a couple of laps, as below.











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