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I happen to get the second look invite and since I don't want to miss out on an opportunity, I decided to go for it. Documents That Can Prove Residency (Besides Utility Bills) Even though utility bills are typically used as proof of residency, there are many other documents that you can use. If you’re still in the early years of your training but are getting a head start preparing for residency, also be sure to consult this must-have checklist of tasks to prioritize during your first and second years of training. printed with your current address, for example, this is often sufficient proof of residency. I am writing this letter to express my strong interest in your program and to inform you that I am ranking Excellent Program as my #1 choice for residency.. I never emailed asking for a second look but I got an ERAS invitation to a program I really love and #2 choice this year. Dear Dr. X, I interviewed at your program on January 6th, and did a second look on January 31st. I took one second look and it was during the new years holiday and the only purpose I had for it was to show my wife the city at the residency I wanted to be at. On the other hand, it may not be the right move for all applicants. Residency Second Looks. DerpyNeuroMD; Nov 14, 2020; Replies 3 Views 499. The data indicate that the residency interview is the most important factor when deciding how to rank a residency applicant. M. W. A difficult question: UPMC Pitts Neuro and NDD residencies. Conclusion: Though being invited to a second interview is not a choice of the applicants, those that do get invited should make full use of the opportunity.This is especially the case in programs like family medicine, which place a strong emphasis on the second visit interview. Even though residency programs often state that second looks do not affect rankings, I still think second looks provide an opportunity to meet other faculty and residents who can put in a "good word" for you and thus influence your candidacy. My best piece of advice for young med studs about to interview is to pick your favorite 2-3 programs and do a second look. The residency application preparation process is extensive and takes a lot of time you may not have. Residency Director Series: RD18 What about "second looks"? I never requested a second look and I wasn't even aware they had one. It can provide a slight edge to your candidacy and may be worthwhile if approached the right way. What attracted me to Duke may be different than what attracts someone else to a program. My # 1 Choice never called me for a second look ( they did say they have a second look event but it is by invite only). The secret lies in what Program Directors and Interview Committees really want to see when they look through a residency candidate’s application. The itinerary of the day seems very relaxed- spending time with residents, lunch, dinner, games etc..seems like a good way to know people and program well. Beat the boards discount code! Example Residency Letter of Intent. So once I knew I could work out the visit I just emailed the PD and told him that I was coming because of how much I loved the program and wanted to show the city off to my wife. Thama. So, weigh the facts and make a final decision. Epic786; Dec 10, 2017; Replies 37 Views 6K. Hear from the source... three current residency directors tell you their thoughts!!! Nov 15, 2020. Final Thoughts About The Second Look. How much does pedigree matter in finding a job after residency? The second look can be an important part of the residency interview process. Wanderer HitchHiker; Nov 13, 2020; Replies 0 Medio. If you have a driver’s license or state-issued photo I.D. There’s documents to compile or write, and tests to take. I did that at all 4 of my top programs and it helped my decision immensely. Nov 14, 2020. Also, save this second checklist … Excellent Program offers several unique strengths that make it the right program for me.

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