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This depression is supposed to be a relic of the former post-Pliocene connexion between the Black Sea and the Caspian, and is accepted by most geographers as the natural frontier between Europe and Asia, while others make the dividing-line coincide with the principal water-parting of the Caucasus mountain system. Besides, I'm not supposed to be out there without him until after the wedding. Swan's measurements, which had misled Bent into accepting a chronology based on a supposed orientation of the "temple," had been shown to be inexact. Say it wasn't supposed to be where it was, but the person who found it wasn't supposed to be there either. Saint Piran is supposed to have adopted these two colours from seeing the white tin in the black coals and ashes during his supposed discovery of tin. The other four trunks displayed like goods—a moth-eaten gorilla suit, two bloody collections of dresses, and an outfit Dean supposed Frankenstein wore when he went out for a little nightlife. Thus the term Savaii itself, originally Savaiki, is supposed to have been carried by the Samoan wanderers over the ocean to Tahiti, New Zealand, the Marquesas and Sandwich groups, where it still survives in such variant forms as Havaii, Hawaiki, Havaiki and Hawaii. You're supposed to go down to be measured in the morning. Despite finding several references to the article, I couldn’t locate it, so here’s the news second-hand. There was a belief in the soul, which was supposed to dwell in the left eye. She supposed it had to be. Examples of suppose in a sentence, how to use it. A theory that has received much support in the past attributes the reflections to thin bubbles of water, similar to soap-bubbles, in which form vapour was supposed to condense. supposed to be in a sentence - Use "supposed to be" in a sentence 1. When the desire arose that it should be believed that Boetius perished from his opposition to the heresy of Theodoric, it was natural to ascribe to him works which were in harmony with this supposed fact. It must not be supposed that earlier writers all neglected this method, or still less that all writers now employ it, but merely that formerly it was frequently overlooked by the best writers, and now is neglected only by the worst. Tears forming, Jessi sank into her couch, eyes on the photo of her and the two teens she was supposed to be taking care of. Sean was supposed to serve her dessert laced with a sedative, so they could drug her and take her back to the station for questioning. Just as there were supposed to be several Pans and Fauns, so there were many Silenuses, whose father was called Papposilenus ("Daddy Silenus"), represented as completely covered with hair and more animal in appearance. Definition of Suppose to make an assumption based on likelihood but without real evidence Examples of Suppose in a sentence I suppose the soap might be under the kitchen sink since that’s where we usually keep it. Translations of the phrase WAS SUPPOSED TO STOP from english to swedish and examples of the use of "WAS SUPPOSED TO STOP" in a sentence with their translations: I was supposed to stop him. These six years must not, however, be supposed to have been a period of unbroken felicity. At a subsequent period the demand for instruction in the sacrificial science called into existence a still more practical set of manuals, the so-called Kalpa-sutras, or ceremonial rules, detailing, in succinct aphorisms, the approved course of sacrificial procedure, without reference to the supposed origin or import of the several rites. "Ully, you're not supposed to be down here!" They were supposed to meet at the spring. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. It is not to be supposed that this antarctic element, to which Professor Tate has applied the name Euronotian, entered a desert barren of all life. That's one of the consequences of being someplace where you're not supposed to be. Judges are supposed to impartially interpret the law without fear or favour. A little farther down the river is St Robert's cave, which is supposed to have been the residence of the hermit, and in 1744 was the scene of the murder of Daniel Clarke by Eugene Aram, whose story is told in Lytton's wellknown novel. This son (by name Edward) was educated at Westminster' and Cambridge, but never took a degree, travelled, became member of parliament, first for Petersfield (1734), then for Southampton (1741), joined the party against Sir Robert Walpole, and (as his son confesses, not much to his father's honour) was animated in so doing by " private revenge " against the supposed " oppressor " of his family in the South Sea affair. It is to be supposed that Richard de Bury sometimes brought undue pressure to bear on the owners, for it is recorded that an abbot of St Albans bribed him to secure his influence for the house by four valuable books, and that de Bury, who procured certain coveted privileges for the monastery, bought from him thirty-two other books, for fifty pieces of silver, far less than their normal price. She kept a couple of goats that are supposed to kid in February. I wished her to make the groups of threes and supposed she would then have to count them in order to know what number fifteen threes would make. A crew was supposed to be out in the next week or so to do the work, but she wanted to measure the windows for curtains. In Paris he frequented the salons, especially those of Mme Graffigny - whose niece, Mlle de Ligniville ("Minette"), afterwards Mme Helvetius and his lifelong friend, he is supposed at one time to have wished to marry - Mme Geoffrin, Mme du Deffand, Mlle de Lespinasse and the duchesse d'Enville. The " economic man " has, on the other hand, been succeeded by another creation almost as monstrous, if his lineaments are to be supposed to be those of the ordinary individual - a man, that is, who regulates his life in accordance with Gossen's Law of Satiety, and whose main passion is to discover a money measure of his motives. He is supposed to have been a native of Tarentum, and to have been brought, while still a boy, after the capture of that town in 272, as a slave to Rome. Yet this was the way it was always supposed to have been. He was only supposed to be investigating him. As an outcome of this alchemical doctrine the process of fermentation was supposed to have a purifying and elevating effect on the bodies which had been submitted to its influence. If he had a strong passion, it was to provide for his succession to the throne of France, if his nephew, Louis XV., should die, and he indulged in many intrigues against the house of Orleans, whose right to the succession was supposed to be secured by Philip's solemn renunciation of all claim to the French throne, when he became king of Spain. Alex was supposed to be sterile, but they had been wrong about that. Why didn't you just dump him in the Chesapeake where he was supposed to have drowned? He stopped in front of the closed door to the massive set of chambers that were supposed to be his. Buds of a particular tree growing near the sea were described as producing barnacles, and these, falling into the water, were supposed to develop into geese. The show is supposed to be good. In 1490 had happened the case of El Santo nino de la Guardia - a child supposed to have been killed by the Jews. Neither sect was supposed to interfere in mortal affairs, a fact they selectively ignored. To be supposed to means an obligation. No one was supposed to move in or out of the city once Memon's advisors entered. Those who were initiated were supposed to be peculiarly under the protection of the This organ has, without reason, been supposed to represent the second ctenidium of the typical mollusc, which it cannot do on account of its position. The stream is crossed by a bridge of single span, supposed to be Roman, and by a three-arched bridge, designed by Thomas Telford and erected in 1823. I guess I'm supposed to meet him at the hotel. to be supposed to do something: be required to do something because of the position one is in or an agreement one as made I am supposed to be meeting someone at the airport. You were supposed to come and get me if you couldn't sleep. Clerk Maxwell supposed two compartments, A and B, to be filled with gas at the same temperature, and to be separated by an ideal, infinitely thin partition containing a number of exceedingly small trap-doors, each of which could be opened or closed without any expenditure of energy. It was the very place upon which Solomon's temple was supposed to be founded. Under the influence of the great nobles who had unsuccessfully opposed the election of Godunov, the general discontent took the form of hostility to him as a usurper, and rumours were heard that the late tsar's younger brother Dimitri (Demetrius), supposed The to be dead, was still alive and in hiding. Was she supposed to reason with Death? Phosphatic beds, supposed to have had a coprolitic origin, are found in the Lower Silurian rocks of Canada. For the world as a whole, however, he postulated a beginning in time (whence his use of the word creation), and further supposed that the impulse of organization which was conveyed to chaotic matter by the Creator issued from a central point in the infinite space spreading gradually outwards. Learn at least five sentences every day and use it as a part of your conversation with people. On arrival at the supreme Mongol court - either that on the Imyl river (near Lake Ala-kul and the present Russo-Chinese frontier in the Altai), or more probably at or near Karakorum itself, south-west of Lake Baikal - Andrew found Kuyuk Khan dead, poisoned, as the envoy supposed, by Batu's agents. Inscriptions name six gates of the town: and there are considerable remains of antiquity, especially of an amphitheatre and theatre, of a supposed temple, and other edifice'. The supposed continent extended across the south pole, practically joining Australia and South America. They're supposed to go on financing research until kingdom come, not to increase recovery rates, but to pursue knowledge for its own sake. Each sentence in a paragraph should relate to the main point. The supposed to list of example sentences with supposed to. CK 1 2060857 I'm supposed to see Tom. ), or (by Haupt) Antiochus and the impostor Alexander Balas (150-146 B.C. They are not supposed to. Lisa hesitated, not wanting to pry and not sure if the conversation was supposed to end there. Use ‘supposed’ in a sentence | ‘supposed’ example sentences 101- When my mother was young, women were supposed to wear skirts to work. 2. It is thus different from legal fiction, by which a new rule is introduced surreptitiously, and under the pretence that no change has been made in the law, and from statutory legislation, in which the obligatory force of the rule is not supposed to depend upon its intrinsic fitness. Hey, Rita, how come I'm supposed to call back Ida Wassermann? This may be understandable as these terms are two different forms of the word suppose. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. instance, Muller places in his third "tribe" the group which he called Ampelidae, meaning thereby the peculiar forms of South America that are now considered to be more properly named Cotingidae, and herein he was clearly right, while Nitzsch, who (misled by their supposed affinity to the genus A mpelis - peculiar to the Northern Hemisphere, and a purely Passerine form) had kept them among hisPasserinae, was as clearly wrong. Maybe he was supposed to lecture him about girls again. You are supposed to hand in your homework by Friday. J., has dealt exhaustively with the supposed evidence for its earlier use - e.g. My father's supposed to raid with us, which he's never done. I didn't bring anything Ingrid said I was supposed to when we go to appearances! Then maybe you wouldn't understand but they were what marriage is supposed to be. The beginnings of it are supposed to be indicated in Neh. You were supposed to come for brunch tomorrow. According to the Bible, believers are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ. The only person that we supposed might possibly have read the story to Helen was her friend, Mrs. Hopkins, whom she was visiting at the time in Brewster. So late as 1782, James Price, an English physician, showed experiments with white and red powders, by the aid of which he was supposed to be able to transform fifty and sixty times as much mercury into silver and gold. 39. Horn placed the Rhynchophora (weevils) in a group distinct from all other beetles, on account of their supposed primitive nature. Sally is supposed to meet her friend tonight. When a substance was burnt he supposed that the last of these, the terra pinguis, was liberated, and this conception is the basis on which G. His high conception of God's transcendence, it may be supposed, led him to ignore intermediary agencies, which are common in the popular literature, and later, under the influence of this same conception of transcendence, are freely employed. Its supposed ill-boding nature is alluded to in Shakespeare's VI., where Suffolk desires for his enemies "their sweetest shade, a grove of cypress trees.". It was supposed that they would stay. He was climbing alone, something I guess you're not supposed to do, especially if you're a beginner like Shipton was. Individual things are supposed to arise out of the original being, as animals and plants out of seeds. Their only obligation to the Turkish government is to furnish a contingent in time of war; the only law they recognize is either traditional custom(adet) or the unwritten Kanun-i Leks Dukajinit, a civil and criminal code, so called from its author, Leka Dukajini, who is supposed to have lived in the 13th or 14th century. The French were supposed to be a mile and a half away, but had suddenly and unexpectedly appeared just in front of us. "Somewhat-dead mortals aren't supposed to be here." This part he kept silent for fear of spooking someone he was supposed to be leading. He'd need a place where he was supposed to go frequently, so's no one would get suspicious. You're not supposed to leave without permission. Some curious distance-phenomena connected with electric sparks were observed in 1875 by Edison (who referred them to a supposed new " aetheric force "), and confirmed by Beard, S. It must not, however, be supposed that .at this epoch the liberties of the burghs were fully developed. No one and nothing was supposed to interfere with the path kismet laid upon a human being. It's part of their permanent collection and I wasn't supposed to even take it out, but I'm sure if you explain about the book your brother is writing, they'll let you make a copy of it. The band had set up last night, and the caterers weren't supposed to be there until 6:00 pm. I'm supposed to go up to Bartlesville this weekend. So, you can understand the sentence by re-writing it as: He arrived ten minutes. As a matter of fact, the parliament at Leicester, in which the speeches were supposed to have been made, began on the 30th of April 1414 before Chicheley was archbishop. Alright, how am I supposed to protect you when you won't follow my orders? "Somewhere you're not supposed to be in the first place," Cynthia prodded. How to use be supposed to in a sentence. Rhyn is supposed to find the basement angels new homes. It was like he had a check list of what parents were supposed to do, and he filled in all the little blocks—middle-class home, straight teeth, and a college education—figured that was the extent of his obligations to us. The remainder, that in the straw, as well as that in the roots and the leguminous crops, is supposed to be retained on the farm, excepting the small amount exported in meat and milk. Vitamin C is supposed t What are we supposed to say to some strange man when he comes down for his morning meal? My source with the CBI isn't that privy to what's happening and it's damn tough acting on what I'm not supposed to know. Yep. But whilst all the organic processes in man go on mechanically, and though by reflex action he may repel attack unconsciously, still the first affirmation of the system was that man was essentially a thinking being; and, while we retain this original dictum, it must not be supposed that the mind is a mere spectator, or like the boatman in the boat. Rainy was supposed to protect a Natural he found. The plaintiffs in each case were imperialists; and Fredericks first action was to redress their supposed grievances. Such intelligences are not supposed to be infallible, but to have the knowledge of spirit. You're supposed to get a call about sending Shipton's belongings back east. After thirty minutes she spotted the sign indicating the state highway where she was supposed to turn. What was it she was supposed to remember? People with green eyes and red hair are supposed to have freckles. Only Fitzgerald didn't show today when he was supposed to. The two personages - the "old and foolish king" and the "poor and wise youth" - have been supposed (by Winckler) to be Antiochus Epiphanes (175-164 B.C.) He peeled off the necklace he wore around his neck and gazed at it briefly before handing it to her. CK 1 2545901 I'm supposed to do that. She enjoys punching holes in paper with the stiletto, and I supposed it was because she could examine the result of her work; but we watched her one day, and I was much surprised to find that she imagined she was writing a letter. 2. Jonathan was supposed to go back to his foster family next week. "That's what the police are supposed to be doing," Dean said, his voice heavy with sarcasm. The fauna, explored by Dybowski and Godlewski, and in 1900-2 by Korotnev, is much richer than it was supposed to be, and has quite an original character; but hypotheses as to a direct communication having existed between Lake Baikal and the Arctic Ocean during the Post-Tertiary or Tertiary ages are not proved. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. ), it is usually supposed that he is a century too late. supposed definition: 1. to have to; to have a duty or a responsibility to: 2. to be intended to: 3. used to show that…. You were supposed to grab Gabe's mate, not Darkyn's. But if I'm supposed to avoid the subject, don't act like I'm in the middle of some deceitful act when I try. I was supposed to field test it for him. But a suspicion that he and Martina:had murdered Constantine led soon after to a revolt, and to the mutilation and banishment of the supposed offenders. Most people chose this as the best definition of supposed: The definition of suppose... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. He really hardly knew her but thinks he's supposed act like he's grieving. 3 Leibnitz's doctrine of continuity necessarily led him in the same direction; and, of the infinite multitude of monads with which he peopled the world, each is supposed to be the focus of an endless process of evolution and involution. It blots out much supposed knowledge, but throws a vivid and interesting light on the reconstrued process of history. I had not supposed her capable of this. This was supposed to be a good-bye kiss, not an invitation. Now, journalists, of course, are supposed to be impartial recorders and reporters of fact. And for the record, you're not supposed to get caught when the bad guys come for you. As if that weren't enough, the guests were supposed to leave tomorrow and wanted to go on a final ride. The kids are always supposed to say their prayers before going to The margin of this supposed footprint is ornamented with gems, and a wooden canopy protects it from the weather. Aren't you supposed to be taking care of the animals? 5) were supposed to have the maxillopalatines united across the middle line, either directly or by the inter FIG. A monument was erected in 1887 to mark the supposed scene of the accident. "You really aren't supposed to be here," Gabriel chided, knowing it was useless. She held her head in her hands, tormented by his pain without understanding how she was supposed to help a dead man. I wasn't supposed to tell you I'd been there before. How was she supposed to get the necklace, if he wore it all the time? This gigantic nebulous mass, of which the sun was only the central and somewhat more condensed portion, is supposed to have a movement of rotation on its axis. It is supposed in the Black Book of the Admiralty to have been founded in the reign of Edward I.; but it would appear, from the learned discussion of R. Its form (singular feminine) has been supposed to be the adoption or imitation of the Arabic employment of a fem. Young people are supposed to rebel against the Establishment. Thomas Garnet, who suffered for supposed implication in the Gunpowder Plot, rose from the dead to encourage the Jesuits in the first satire, and in the third Ignatius Loyola is represented as dictating his wishes to his disciples from his death-bed. What was supposed to be sunshine, mild temperature and puffy white clouds turned out to be intermittent showers and a sky as gray as Dean's sweat socks. Felipa said it was supposed to be nice outside today. use "supposed" in a sentence The U. S. military is supposed to admit homosexuals, but I don't think they are widely accepted yet. It has no connexion with Indo-European, as has erroneously been supposed. The 19th day is supposed to have had its sacred nature as the 49th day from the commencement of the preceding month, assuming that to have had 30 days. It has even been supposed that amber passed from Sicily to northern Europe in early times - a supposition said to receive some support from the fact that much of the amber dug up in Denmark is red; but it must not be forgotten that reddish amber is found also on the Baltic, though not being fashionable it is used rather for varnish-making than for ornaments. I guess he drove to the airport to pick up Martha and Claire but I guess they didn't come in when they were supposed to. We're supposed to lay low and avoid vamps. But I thought I was supposed to save the planet. The next day we were supposed to leave to go back home, so we just did. Byrne didn't know what to do with me so he rented me a motel room—I didn't have any money with me 'cause I was supposed to stay with my wife. "Aren't you supposed to take us somewhere?" The weather is supposed to be changing this weekend anyway. A precise indication of date has been sought in certain supposed references or allusions to historical facts. The police are supposed to be in control of the crime. Recent Examples on the Web Last year, ProPublica found that at least 33 former Trump administration officials had found ways to essentially lobby after leaving government, despite the supposed five-year ban on such activities. In his lecture on Human Immortality (3rd ed., 1906), Professor William James deals with " two supposed objections to the doctrine.". Sense alone will never create orderly experience, as empiricism supposed; but a group of sensations reacted on by thought does so; it becomes, it is, a percept. 15): A may be supposed to be a junction outside a large FIG. Spamster 1 2046756 I suppose I was too busy. She's supposed to do an hour's homework every evening. Ceremonies of initiation are the means by which the alliance is established between the deity and the young man, when the latter enters upon the rights of manhood; and the supposed bond of kinship is thus regarded as an artificial union from the outset, so far as the individual is concerned, although Robertson Smith still maintains the theory of the fatherhood of the god, where it is a question of the origin of the totem-kin. White soon returned to England for supplies, and having been detained there until 1591 he found upon his return no trace of the colony except the word " Croatan " carved on a tree; hence the colony was supposed to have gone away with some friendly Indians, possibly the Hatteras tribe, and proof of the assumption that these whites mingled with Indians is sought in the presence in Robeson county of a mixed people with Indian habits and occasional English names, calling themselves Croatans. This is supposed to be illustrated by his measures with regard to the see of Lichfield. He was a student at St Andrews, 1489-1494, and thereafter, it is supposed, at Paris. Finally, Rumford reviewed all the sources from which the heat might have been supposed to be derived, and concluded that it was simply produced by the friction, and that the supply was inexhaustible. she managed to gasp. In the absence of its native records its relations with Palestine are not always clear, but it may be supposed that amid varying political changes it was able to play a double game. Example sentences with the word supposed. Carmen, how am I supposed to protect you when you won't follow my suggestions? She was supposed to meet him in a few hours. You can use a few different techniques to maintain a consistent tone within and between paragraphs. Vianen is supposed to be the Fanum Dianae of Ptolemy, and was the seat of an independent lordship which passed to the family of Brederode in 1418, and later to the princes of Lippe-Detmold, from whom it was bought by the states in 1725. Their hereditary chiefs, or capidans, belong to the family known as Dera e Jon Markut (the house of John Marco), which has ruled for 200 years and is supposed to be descended from Scanderbeg. Theoretically we are not supposed to be doing this. As a youth he served in the bodyguard ofJustinian, who appointed him commander of the Eastern army. It is celebrated from its connexion with Catullus, for the large ruins of a Roman villa on the promontory have been supposed to be his country house. Viewed analytically in its developed nature, magic is a wonder-working recognized as such, the core of the mystery consisting in the supposed transformation of suggested idea into accomplished fact by means of that suggestion itself. Aren't you supposed to ask him if he wants a lawyer? She was supposed to attract Gabriel, until I was brought back, and then she was to be turned over to Darkyn as his mate. He looked up, a surprised expression crossing his face, as if he'd told her something he wasn't supposed to. Learn more. Life isn't supposed to hurt this much, she thought and sank to the ground. CK 1 2406885 I suppose that's allowed. By mutual agreement, Alex had final say in decisions, but they were supposed to discuss it first. The legend tells how a seneschal of Eden Hall one day came upon a company of fairies dancing at St Cuthbert's Well in the park. No one is concerned to prove that the Ricardian economics applies to the manorial system, and it is generally supposed at any rate that the world has been approximating more and more nearly during the last century to the conditions assumed in most of the reasoning of that school. I'm just not supposed to be pulling myself up with my left arm. Just because Jake Weller has a pot belly doesn't mean all sheriffs are supposed to be fat. It has been usually supposed that John Napier was buried in St Giles's church, Edinburgh, which was certainly the burialplace of some of the family, but Mark Napier (Memoirs, p. 426) quotes Professor William Wallace, who, writing in 1832, gives strong reasons for believing that he was buried in the old church of St Cuthbert. He was supposed to be educated in liberal arts and divine scripture, but elected to study only holy doctrine, and to forsake his noble birth in favour of a … about 1040, containing among other relics of the cathedral an old altar supposed to be that of the idol Krodo which formerly stood on the Burgberg near Neustadt-Harzburg; the church of the former Benedictine monastery of St Mary, or Neuwerk, of the 12th century, in the Romanesque style, with wall-paintings of considerable merit; and the house of the bakers' gild now an hotel, the birthplace of Marshal Saxe. She was supposed to call today about her doctor visit. How was I supposed to know you had a thing for Davis? We've still got an hour before we're supposed to leave. But it must not be supposed that I could really talk in this short time. More than once they raided and pillaged in wholesale fashion the territory they were supposed to protect. Biliotti many fine painted vases of styles which were called later the third and fourth "Mycenaean"; but these, bought by John Ruskin, and presented to the British Museum, excited less attention than they deserved, being supposed to be of some local Asiatic fabric of uncertain date. This is, however, less of a difference than it was at one time supposed to be, for it has been shown by H. Comparative anatomy and embryology prove that this condition is due, not as formerly supposed to a difference in the relations of the visceral commissure which prevented it from being included in the torsion of the visceral hump, but to an actual detorsion which has taken place in evolution and is repeated to a great extent in individual development. "What's Kris supposed to do to someone who broke the part of the Code about someone else's mate?" All the same, Saturday found her at a restaurant in Bartlesville, where she was supposed to meet her prospective employer. AMMONIUS GRAMMATICUS, the supposed author of a treatise entitled IIEpc 6yoLwv Kai &acaopwv (On the Di f ferences of Synonymous Expressions), of whom nothing is known. Example sentences with the word suppose. Orifice of the grape-shaped (supposed poisonous) gland. How to use supposed in a sentence. supposed example sentences. to think probable or in keeping with the facts. Dean supposed this was his idea of being subtle while trying to cut off the open path. Each paragraph should also only be as long as it needs to be in order to explain its point. Both boys were swimming and Edith was watching them, or was supposed to be. But this unduly narrows the scope of Scottish philosophy, which does not exhaust itself, as is sometimes supposed, in uncritically reasserting the independent existence of matter and its immediate presence to mind. Ully was working on something awhile ago. CK 1 1664214 How am I supposed to eat? Princess was supposed to foal again in January. I felt approaching footsteps, I stretched out my hand as I supposed to my mother. It grows in marshy places; and is cultivated in China, the fruit having a supposed value as a diuretic and anti-phthisic. suppose: [verb] to lay down tentatively as a hypothesis, assumption, or proposal. To portions of these Aristotle has been supposed to have been indebted for his doctrine of the categories and some of his chief ethical theories. You're supposed to be taking care of me, but that isn't realistic 100% of the time, is it? Depretis recalled Nigra from Paris and replaced him by General Cialdini, whose ardent plea for Italian intervention in favor of France in 1870, and whose comradeship with Marshal Macmahon in 1859, would, it was supposed, render him persona gratissima to the French government. It was long supposed to be Venetian, but has been identified as of rare Oriental workmanship. the Union of the Russian People," began an organized extermination of the elements supposed to be hostile to the traditional regime. I couldn't believe Howie would turn off the power for what was supposed to be a short trip. It was formerly supposed that this custom was peculiar to a single species, which was called the "gossamer" spider from the fact that the floating webs, when brought to the earth by rain or intercepted by bushes and trees, coat the foliage or grass with a sheeting of gossamer-like silk; but the habit is now known to be practised by the newly-hatched young of a great variety of species belonging to several distinct families. He could not stop what was going on before him and around him and was supposed to be directed by him and to depend on him, and from its lack of success this affair, for the first time, seemed to him unnecessary and horrible. Don't forget to use the verb be in front of supposed to. The raja of Achin, in northern Sumatra, is said to have been converted as early as 1206, while the Bugis people in Celebes are supposed not to have become Mahommedans until 1495. Only a couple of days later we hear all hell's broken loose 'cause something ain't where it's supposed to be. Sisenna also translated the tales of Aristides of Miletus, and is supposed by some to have written a commentary on Plautus. I didn't hear about the supposed dalliance between Bill and Nancy until it was already over. They do not represent the opinions of Does that mean I'm supposed to change, or that what I'm wearing is considered casual? 24) This combination of qualities is generally, 27) He produced a hand-written list of nine men he was, 28) We all grow into the beautiful person that we're, 29) Don't be too curious about things you are not, 30) He found it a lot more difficult to get a job than he, 15) He produced a hand-written list of nine men he was, 18) Don't be too curious about things you are not, 22) He found it a lot more difficult to get a job than he, 23) This combination of qualities is generally, 27) The performance seemed to me unpardonable, a contradiction of all that the Olympics is, 28) If the media can manufacture stories like this, who are we, 29) Older people tend to be quite conservative and a bit suspicious of any. Deidre tried to figure out what it was she was supposed to say. Is that supposed to mean something to me, or is it a pseudonym? And if they told about the thing that was there, then they'd get in trouble, for being there, in the place they weren't supposed to be in. 104- This new medicine is supposed … I didn't know I wasn't supposed to. On the 16th of November 1816, she was interrogated by the police, who frightened her into silence about the supposed substitution of another child for the dauphin. He offered to dig the grave but his friend was supposed to pick him up for an overnight, so she told him to go back to the house so he wouldn't get dirty. No, it is not a question. The descendants of the detested Phoenician marriage were rooted out, and unless the close intercourse between Israel and Judah had been suddenly broken, it would be supposed that the new king at least laid claim to the south. - According to a conception of the world frequently found among peoples of the lower cultures, all the affairs of life are supposed to be under the control of spirits, each ruling a certain element or even object, and themselves in subjection to a greater spirit.

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