Time for a change? 2

Kickingtyres hasn’t been receiving the attention it deserves from me for some time now.
Some of you know already that, after being diagnosed with early stage arthritis in my wrist, I’m giving up motorcycles as riding for more than a couple of hours results in a hand that goes numb for a couple of weeks.

However, while I’m in the process of moving on my collection of motorcycles (except for the BSA, that’s staying) I’ve been turning my attention to things 4-wheeled with further modifications and enhancements of the MX5 with plans to campaign it in some HSA Hillclimbs or Sprint events.

So in keeping with my own change in direction, I think Kickingtyres needs a refresh, and while I’m still interested in, and follow all the ATRC/Rallying/Dakar stuff, and I’m still very much a biker at heart, the site will likely become a more generic petrol-head site rather than specifically biking and rallying

So watch this space for some changes….

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2 thoughts on “Time for a change?

  • Mike

    Hello. I have just come across you picture of a 640 with rallye bits?
    I have a genuine rallye and I am looking for a few items in my resto process..
    can you possibly help? I hope so.

    • feef Post author

      The bike came with the Rallye bits when I bought it and I’ve not added anything else since. Other than the usual KTM dealers and parts suppliers, I can’t really recommend anywhere in particular to source stuff.