TPS headache!

As mentioned in earlier posts, the root cause of the bike’s poor running at the Ryedale turns out to have been the TPS.

Research suggests that if it gets a good soaking, that it can short between two of the pins frying the internals, so it’s not just a case of waiting for it to dry out. It also reports the manifold intake pressure and temperatures and was reporting the intake to be at in excess of 150 deg C with the engine cold and not running.

I replaced the TPS with one from the spare bike and all was well.

I called Huskysport today to be told that the TPS isn’t a replaceable part, and I’d have to order an entire throttlebody at £467!

I’m now doing some digging to find out what the manufacturer and maybe part number of the TPS unit itself is so I can source an alternative. It’s a Mikuni 45mm throttle body, but I’ve not found anything remotely similar yet. :S

Still, at least I know the fault, and cause, and can try to mitigate against it happening again until I have a suitable spare.

Update: I’ve identified the sensor.  More here in my Mikuni MAQS post

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