Dakar rider numbers are out

The rider numbers are out for the 2014 Dakar. British riders to watch for are: 18 : Sam Sunderland 99 : Jay Paul 153: Jamie Smith http://www.dakar.com/dakar/2014/us/rider/rider-list-bikes.html  

ATRC 2014 dates

Provisional dates for the 2014 ATRC series have been released.   The calendar will be updated shortly to include these as well as any other relevant events such as the Hellas.   What are we looking forward to in particular?  The Pikes Peak event was fantastic last year, however the addition of a roadbook section […]

What IS rallying?

I’m often asked to explain what motorcycle rallying is all about.  AdventureSpec sponsored the ATRC series this year, and have put together this short video which explains it better than I can.  

Taking stock : repairs and replacements

Just a quick one today.  I’ve been going over the bike and looking at what has been replaced or repaired this year.  Some of the bits have been salvaged from the spare bike and, in one case, even off my KTM Adventure, so will need to be replaced so they can be returned to their […]

ATRC 2013 Final results.

The points have all been calculated and the results are out for the 2013 ATRC series. http://bigbikerallychallenge.co.uk/content/atrc-winners-2013 Rally Class 1st Ollie Lloyd – SpeedBrain 450 (116 pts) 2nd = Phil Page – Yamaha 450 JVO (75 pts) 2nd= Mike Wharton – KTM 450 Rally (75 pts) 4th Ian Pritchard – Husaberg 501 Rally (74 pts) […]

Cambrian Rally : last race of the year.

The Cambrian Rally is the last round of this year’s ATRC series.  As one of the easier events, and also one I did last year on my KTM 640 Adventure, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect for a change.  I also knew to expect hectic parking and nowhere handy to park […]

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Safe and Sound?

Motorcycle security is something that’s often overlooked until it’s too late. It’s also something that many underspend on, in my opinion, balking at spending a couple of hundred quid on top security which could stop their pride and joy worth several thousands from being spirited away one night by a local scrote or two. Ground […]

Adventure bikes are outpacing sports bikes

…no, there’s not some new big off-roader that’s faster in a straight line than an R1, but they are selling more of them. According to the latest figures for new bike registrations, sales of Adventure bikes increased over 15% from 2012-2013 with 1685 new bike registrations compared to only 1402 Sports bike registrations, a drop […]

Now’s the time to talk about Mousses

One of the inherent hazards in motorcycle rallying is that of a mechanical failure. Some failures you can do nothing to prevent nor preempt, some you can, such as punctures. This is especially relevant when on a rally with time pressures to consider.  If you reach a time-check more than 30 minutes late, there’s a […]