Now’s the time to talk about Mousses

One of the inherent hazards in motorcycle rallying is that of a mechanical failure. Some failures you can do nothing to prevent nor preempt, some you can, such as punctures. This is especially relevant when on a rally with time pressures to consider.  If you reach a time-check more than […]

Hafren Rally 2013

This weekend saw the ATRC championship back in Wales for the penultimate round of the season, the Hafren rally.  This is a one day event starting and finishing in the Sweet Lamb rally complex near Llangurig. One of the more technical rallies on the calendar, and also one that I […]

In the workshop

I’ve been in the workshop the last couple of days.  I had to make a thicker spacer plate for the GPR steering damper as, once fitted, the steerer nut fouled the damper.  It was fine with just the steerer tube and no nut which is how I had offered it […]

Keyless ignition

I’ve converted the bike to keyless ignition.  No, I’ve not gone all geeky again and installed RFID proximity sensors (although I did consider it, I have to admit). The nav-tower mounting required the steering lock to have been ground off, and the ignition barrel was relocated to the side of […]

TPS headache!

As mentioned in earlier posts, the root cause of the bike’s poor running at the Ryedale turns out to have been the TPS. Research suggests that if it gets a good soaking, that it can short between two of the pins frying the internals, so it’s not just a case […]