Back from a break

I’m back from a break in France with my son, and to visit family. While out there, I was checking maps and keeping my eyes peeled while out and about, and also doing some research online. As far as I can understand it, the law in France, regarding trail riding, […]

Throttle position sensor solution? 8

After a lot of digging and research regarding the TPS, I’ve made a few discoveries. The throttle position sensor on this bike is a combined TPS, manifold pressure sensor and intake air temperature sensor.  It’s a Mikuni component called the Modularised Air Quantity Sensor (MAQS). Doing some more digging and […]

Ryedale Results are out.

The results for the Ryedale rally are now out, and available here: http://www.enduro-neec.org.uk/calender//combined%20results%202013%20Provisional%20V1.pdf I placed 19th out of 28 finishers in the Rally class, which I’m quite happy with considering the problems I encountered. We just need to wait for the ATRC points to be calculated and updated but I’m confident […]

MX5 Supercharger : where’s it gone?

Never fear, if you came here looking for my MX5 supercharger build diary then it WILL be resurrected in time.  I’ve had some issues with the old site and have decided to do a relaunch and since I’m focussing very much on my motorcycle rallying/racing, that’s what the site mainly […]

Ryedale Rally

This weekend saw me up in North Yorkshire for the Ryedale Rally. This is the most technically challenging of the ATRC rounds and the one I was most daunted by. I arrived around 7pm on Friday to find the field already filling up with the vans and tents of other […]

Kielder Rally

Fantastic weekend at the Kielder rally.  Cracking weather and a nice fast course that saw me sitting at 55-65mph for most of it.  4 laps over 2 days saw 320 miles in total, with only one special stage on each lap as the 2nd special was abandoned as it was too dusty […]

New KTM Adventure

I recently acquired one of the bikes that I’ve always wanted.  A KTM 640 Adventure.  This one is very well equipped, and is literally almost ‘ready to race’.  It has Acerbis rally tanks as well as a larger than standard main tank giving almost 50 litres of fuel capacity and […]

DVLA Changes

The DVLA is bringing in some long-awaited changes to their processes and requirements. Most notably… Scrapping the regulation requiring motorists to hold a paper counterpart to their driving licence by 2015 SORN becoming a one-off process. Once drivers have notified the DVLA that their vehicle is SORN, they will no […]