Throttle position sensor solution? 8

After a lot of digging and research regarding the TPS, I’ve made a few discoveries.

The throttle position sensor on this bike is a combined TPS, manifold pressure sensor and intake air temperature sensor.  It’s a Mikuni component called the Modularised Air Quantity Sensor (MAQS).

Doing some more digging and it appears that it’s used on a number of bikes such as the Suzuki Bandit 1250, the Yamaha YW125 Zuma and the Yamaha YZF125R. I found a YZF125R sensor on eBay for £35 so thought it was worth a punt.  It arrived this morning and, indeed, appears identical to the one on the Husky. I’ll need to plug it in to test it to be sure, but I suspect a sensor is a sensor in this regard.MAQSin MAQSout

Also, in checking the parts fiche for the Yamaha YZF125R it appears that the throttlebody and MAQS is also a single part there too. This leads me to believe the whole lot is supplied by Mikuni as a single item, with no expectation of the dealer to replace the MAQS.

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8 thoughts on “Throttle position sensor solution?

  • feef Post author

    Update to this. The MAQS does indeed fit, but it appears it needs recalibrated as the positions aren’t quite right. It was showing 0% open for far too long, before jumping to about 10%, and with the valve fully open it was showing only 89%. The bike would run with it like this but was notably down on power, and, I suspect, it would also be running a little lean. When I have a bit more time, I’ll put this MAQS back on and see if I can recalibrate it from the iBeat diagnostics software.

    • feef Post author

      I haven’t had to change it again since, and the replacement works fine, but you DO need to recalibrate it if it comes from a different bike. I’ve also been liberal with the water dispersant and bits of old inner-tube to try and waterproof it.

      Using the MAQS off my spare TE630, it was a straight swap. Using the MAQS from the YZF125R, it ran, but it was down on power and the positioning meant it was probably lean. Plugging it into iBeat and it showed that it was out, so I recalibrated it, and it’s spot on now.

      But it DOES work, non question.

  • Moykky

    do you have wiring diagram for this sensor?
    I’m retrofitting GSX650F K9 throttlebodies on turbo GSXR project and I’d like to use stock TPS and IAT, maybe even MAP if it is possible with turbo.


    Best regards