Taking stock : repairs and replacements

Just a quick one today.  I’ve been going over the bike and looking at what has been replaced or repaired this year.  Some of the bits have been salvaged from the spare bike and, in one case, even off my KTM Adventure, so will need to be replaced so they can be returned to their rightful homes

So, since I got the bike in May I’ve gone through…

1 Left hand rad
1 Right hand footpeg hanger (and lost a nice Ti peg in the process)
1 Nav-tower
1 Right hand hand-guard
1 rear brake lever
1 speedo cable
2 high-beam headlights (I’ve since fabricated a polycarbonate shield)
1 set of left hand tank plastics
2 temp sensors
1 MAQS sensor
1 tail light
1 right hand fork leg protector
1 exhaust end can (the spare that’s on is a bit loud even with it’s baffle in! must fix that for next season)

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